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About Us

Keith Walther Roofing Company was featured in the September 2022 issue of VIP Pensacola Magazine
with a Business Profile.  Article was written by Anna Stockton.  
Family is the most important thing to Keith and Teresa Walther, owners of Walther Custom Homes and Keith Walther Roofing. Whether it's with family, friends, clients, their subcontractors, or the people in their community, the couple prides themselves on creating a family-oriented business. So, it's no surprise when the Walthers decided to expand their business and start Keith Walther Roofing that they brought those same morals, values, and family atmosphere to their new business.

Keith, a native of Milton, and Teresa, from St. Mary's, Georgia, met the very first day of college at Pensacola Junior College and never looked back. After graduating from Florida State University and giving the fast-paced life in Atlanta a try, the couple decided to make the move closer to Keith's family and moved to Baldwin County in Alabama. While they both loved the area, their heart wasn't in the jobs they were in at the time. That's when Keith, whose parents and three brothers were all in construction at the time, decided to take a chance and start their own homebuilding business. He'd seen the good, bad, and the uncertainty of the construction business through the eyes of his family as his parents owned a Parade of Homes award-winning homebuilding company and his grandfather owned a successful roofing company. Keith and Teresa obtained their contractor's license in Alabama in 1996 and started developing subdivisions and building homes in the area. The downturn of the housing market in the mid-2000s gave the couple perspective and they moved back to Escambia County to shift their business and put down roots to raise their family. Today, family life is busy for the Walther family. Their daughter Jordan is in her last year at the University of West Florida and will be joining the ranks as a Marine Corps wife In May. Ashton has joined the family business and is bringing new and fresh ideas to the homebuilding and roofing businesses. Keith and Teresa's plans of soon being empty nesters were happily put on hold with the addition of Carol Mae (5 years old) and her brother Charlie (2 years old).

With the ups and downs of the construction business, the Walthers have learned that besides expertise, dedication, and great customer service, in order to thrive, you must diversify your business. So, when the timing was right, they expanded and created Keith Walther Roofing. As roofing was already a component of the construction business they were familiar with, it was an easy choice for the couple. While starting a new business is always difficult, the couple relies on their 25 plus years of experience in the homebuilding business to help them navigate the challenges that come along with it. They are excited and eager to bring the same quality to the roofing business that they have in the homebuilding business all these years.

The Walthers recognize that there are many excellent roofing companies out there and hope to find their niche within them. They aspire to grow their business based on quality craftsmanship and amazing customer service. They love working with their clients in building and creating their dream home and hope to develop the same rapport and relationship with their roofing customers. One way in which they plan on doing this is Keith's ability to map out a plan of action and timeline that fits everyone's needs, by using his years of experience and organizational skills. The Walthers understand that life is not 9-5 and their clients, just like them, are juggling famiIy, home, and business obligations so they make a point of being available for their clients after hours to ensure their needs are met.

Family is everything to Keith and Teresa and they feel that Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, and Baldwin counties have taken them in and embraced their own family and business. Their closest friends have started out as clients and ended up as family. As their business grows, so does their sense of community, whether it's through volunteer work, financial contributions, or simply the blood, sweat, and tears they put into their business. Keith and Teresa hope that one day their own children will follow in their footsteps, pick up where they left off, and keep the family in their family business.
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